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Steve Ricketts

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I'm a photographer based in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada. I became interested in photography in 2010 as a retirement project and as a homage to my Dad. I mostly do landscape photography. While the Alberta Rockies are spectacular, there is also a lot of beauty in the Alberta prairies, and I concentrate on the landscape in and around my home, especially in Strathcona, Minburn and Lamont Counties. That is, rather than show the grandeur of the Rockies, I prefer to take the viewer on a journey around my backyard to enjoy the subtlety of the Prairies.

I have found myself increasingly drawn to black & white photography as I like how it draws the viewer’s attention to the contrast and texture in landscapes. I often use a telephoto lens and zoom in on a small area. I endeavor to minimize the amount of editing that I do; while today’s software allows for powerful manipulation to create a wonderful image, I prefer to challenge myself to be in the right place and at the right time to capture the image that I have in mind.

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