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Don Bauer

From Vermilion, Alberta

Footprint Turnings

As a young boy growing up on the family farm just 28km south west of Vermilion, I didn't realize when I went out to our shop on that winter day and started to build my first wood lathe. It was a decision that turned into a hobby that evolved into Footprint Turnings.

My medium of choice has grown from attacting the farm wood pile to more exotic woods as the cost of my materials increased, I adjusted and learned more efficient techniques. The method I adopted and refined over the past years is known as the segmented turning process. You will notice when you look at my turnings that I cut my wood pieces into small pieces and then glue them back together. This gives me the advantage of being able to work with the natural beauty of the wood and eliminate any end grain in my turnings. You will also notice that the inside of my turnings have the same detail and finish as the outside. I have been fortunate over the years to have been featured in a number of galleries throughout Alberta and B.C.

It is my hope that my turnings bring you as much enjoyment and please they have me.   -Don Bauer


My Collection


Gallery Address

5001 50 Ave

Vermilion, AB T9X 1A7




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