Tamara Breau

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Edmonton, Alberta’s Tamara Breau, is a self-published author and artist of three books titled The Book of Blue, The Book of Red, and most recently, Conjure The Dreamer. My art education happens in my free time, taking evening classes through the University of Alberta, as well as at home studies. My favorite way to learn is to surround myself with skilled people and their art. Whether it is painting in watercolour or acrylic, or a book of drawings accompanied by spontaneous lines of prose, my creativity has a great need to manifest itself from idea to reality.

I believe that words and images carry power, and my desire is to create beauty, live in beauty and spread positivity.

Your actions, as well as your words, design your world and I will always try to contribute as positively as I can.

I hope that you enjoy what I have made, thank-you for your support.