Nicole Holway


Nicole Holway is a mostly self-taught artist, currently based in the Mannville, AB area. She has also lived in various rural areas across Alberta including the Calgary area and Peace Country.

She's always been "crafty" and can't remember a time when she didn't have a paintbrush or pair of scissors in hand. She took art classes through high school and has mainly figured out the rest through trial and error. She doesn't like to limit herself to just one genre or medium, but is currently enjoying photography and watercolour.

She loves to capture the beauty of nature through the lens of her camera; focusing on anything from the tiniest detail of a petal, up to the largest expanse of the prairie sky. She also enjoys watercolour and ink illustrations and paints and draws a wide variety of subjects. You can follow her latest photography (and other creative endeavors) on her blog The Artyologist.