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Marg Smith

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It is the wonderment of colours in the world that drives Marg Smith to put brush to canvas. She strives to capture that “WOW” moment in time and evoke that same feeling in her viewers.

An Albertan by birth, Marg now live in Okotoks and is thrilled by the amazing sunsets, the fantastic mountains, foothills and prairie scenes in such diverse vivid conditions. M.L. Marg Smith enjoys travelling to various places in the world and marvel at beautiful sights and scenes that  are witnessed in her travels. Marg’s goal is to convey that wonder, to evoke in the viewer that same “WOW!” feeling that she gets when observing that particular moment in time.

Smith works in oils but has used acrylics and watercolours. In order to achieve the light and colour in her paintings she normally uses a translucent colour that will unify the painting.  She does regularly paint alla prima, but will paint certain paintings in glazes (thin layers) of oil as well.

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