Maggie Slater

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Maggie Slater is a welder who evolved into a metal artist. Her discovery of art changed her life as she found the freedom of self-expression. As an emerging artist, she now integrates the industrial into the creation of pieces that often depict nature and the environment. Maggie transforms materials that are heavy, cold and lacking character into expressions of beauty, flow and emotion. 

Maggie's influences come from fellow metal artists such as Rob Zane and Mike Edelman and artistic mentors like painter, Jani Galarneau. She is also influenced by the natural flow and movement of nature and animals, and by human emotion and her study of human energy. 

Maggie crafts her art pieces from scrap metal, old parts and new materials. Some pieces are designed for home, and others can be incorporated into the garden. She enjoys the challenge of creating fine, fun and functional artworks that draw people in and make them smile. 

Maggie actively seeks out mentorship opportunities for discovery, growth and collaborations as an artist. She is a member of the Sculptor's Association of Alberta and CARFAC Alberta (Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des Artistes Canadiens), and is a Hand2Hand Market Partner.