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Justina Smith

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I'm told I started off as a rather happy child and then I turned 2. Then I cried. A lot, I guess, until my mom contacted my grandmother in distress. What the heck to do with this suddenly unhappy kid? My grandmother knew right away. I was bored. She suggested my mother get me a little table and chairs, some paper and pencils, and leave me to it.

The painting didn't begin until college. I liked drawing, but painting? Thanks, but no. Making watercolor cards was cool for Christmas, but otherwise no. I could draw though, and I discovered I liked painting sets. Pretty soon I was painting pictures ON sets. It was a lot like drawing. Highlights. Shadows. But then I ran out of money half way through the second year of my college program. No more Technical Theater for me. So what now? Someone bought me an easel knowing that I wouldn't use it right away... but with the certainty of it guilting me into putting it into use. It worked. After housing it in the corner of my little basement suite, and walking past it on my way to and from the bedroom for many months... I got a canvas and started painting.

Twenty years later, I'm still at it. So 18 years of drawing, 1 & 1/2 of theater school, years of encouragement from family and friends, and 2400+ acrylic paintings later (not to mention watercolor travel sketchbooks, t-shirt designs, four album cover designs, a festival poster, artifact drawing & other random projects) here we are. I hope you find some treasures here that you fall in love with or that inspire you to create lovely things of your own. 

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