Greg Haslehurst

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Greg Haslehurst is a local photographer and digital artist serving Vermilion and the surrounding area. He teaches Grade 4 at Vermilion Elementary School. Teaching and learning go hand in hand in his passions. Greg achieved his Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo and instructs Raptor Taekwondo. Greg has taught photography workshops for CLASS, various community groups, and private photography lessons. 

Greg's work has been published in the Edmonton Journal, tourism brochures, calendars, the cover of the Vermilion Regional Directory, various advertisements, and both local Vermilion newspapers. Greg supports Arts and Culture in Vermilion working with artists and photographing various events happening around the Town of Vermilion. 

"I started photography as a young boy when I would go out for walks with my Dad taking pictures. Being surrounded in nature allows us to appreciate the world's diversity and complexity. As a photographer, I learned to see the fine details and patterns that would be found in a scene. I enjoy photography because I am in the control of choosing when to click the camera and capture that precise moment."

Nature photography is challenging because you need planning and patience to find the opportunities to photograph animals or to bring out the interesting features of a scene. Event and sport photography is rewarding when capturing the peak of the action or emotion of an event. Family portraits range from formal sessions to photographing your activities on location. The experiences and memorable moments created during the family portrait session makes for an enjoyable time photographing the special people in your life.