Ed Storch

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Functional Art

For me, knives are tools and are all about the edge. I view my knives as an investment in the future and a legacy to be passed from one generation to the next.

All cutlery and knives I create are designed and created with edge retention being the most important feature. In my experience I have found salt heat treating yields the best edge retention so I use this method on all of my knives.

Every Storch Knife is a hand-made tool of exacting workmanship. I stand behind my work and test each blade for edge geometry and edge holding ability. All knives are then meticulously sharpened according to their intended use. To create my knives I prefer to use tools of my own making. I frequently use custom made grinders, a custom hydraulic press and a one of a kind air hammer.

I view knifemaking as a lifelong learning experience. Although I studied welding, blacksmith and heat treating techniques at Olds College in 1963-1964, I am still improving upon this skill set today in my knifemaking. As a commitment to ongoing learning among the knifemaking community, I have hosted the Northwest Canadian Knifemakers Symposium for 10 years at my shop in Mannville, Alberta. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge of knifemaking and teach several knifemaking classes annually. I am pleased that my son and grandson are learning my methods of knifemaking.