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Donna Hanson

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I have always been interested in drawing however discovered my love of other media during my Residential Interiors Course at the U of A. While I create in many media my newest exploration is discovering the ancient art of Encaustic which is painting with melted beeswax mixed with damar resin. I love the senusality of applying hot wax to board and manipulating with flame. It has unique qualities that can only be achieved through layers and layers of wax fused to achieve the final look. Whether it be polished to glass like perfection or highly textured, encaustic paintings invite the viewer to touch and feel the work. It truly is Art for the Senses.

I am currently working on interpreting the prairie landscape and nature into my work. I love the play of light on the landscape, the darkness that moves across the land during and approaching storm, or an abandoned building sitting in a field of bright yellow canola set against a summer blue sky, or that sense of silence that envelopes the world during the first snowfall. I am attempting to incorporate these feelings into my work and through it, to invite the viewer to participate through their own memories and imagination. 

My ecoprint series combines the art of ecoprinting; a process whereby leaves and branches are steamed between layers of paper which draws out the tannins in the leaves and imprints them onto the paper; and encaustic wax and various encaustic techniques. I have named my ecoprint encaustic paintings for the fairies who inhabit the garden and I invite the viewer to participate in my paintings through their own memories and imagination.

I currently work out of my home studio in Camrose, Alberta.

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