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Dianna Sapara

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Growing up in rural Alberta surrounded by natures beauty, has left a permanent mark in Dianna’s heart and soul. She started sketching at an early age and as a reminder she reflects from time to time on some of those early drawings and paintings. Throughout her life, she has used many mediums, taking a lifetime of classes, from professional artists in Canada and the USA.  Even after 55 some years, Dianna still craves for more of a challenge.  She left her oil painting days behind her when she stumbled across a unique medium called Encaustics.

This unique medium of encaustic wax is a 2500 years old process that consists of heating a resin, beeswax and color pigment into a liquid form. Each layer is applied heated then cooled. It can also be manipulated over and over again. Once cooled the painting has an illumination quality that resembles a glass like finish. Even though encaustic painting is difficult to master, Dianna keeps  learning, experimenting and never gets bored with the endless possibilities, pushing the envelope as to speak.

There is nothing in this world quite so exhilarating, than to be in the art of making a thought materialize. Dianna had completed her teachers’ instructional training course in 2016 and is currently taking students.

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