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Denise Hoag

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Denise Hoag

Soaring Peacock Studio

Denise Hoag is an Artist, an Art teacher, and a Motivational Speaker whose goal is to inspire others to be the best they can be. Whether she is encouraging her art students to explore a wild new technique or sharing insights with her audiences as she helps them tame their fears or bounce back from adversity. Denise comes from a sincere desire to make a difference, to have it matter that she was part of your day.

The love of art began for Denise as a child; drawing on anything and everything. After 4 years of Fashion Design study, she began creating Wearable Art and teaching fun, rebellious sewing techniques. Denise's Wearable Art Garments have been exhibited worldwide with the Bernina & Fairfield Fashion Shows. Her wearable art has been featured in Sew News Magazine, Canada Quilts Magazine, The Edmonton Journal, and The Edmonton Sun.

Then Denise discovered a new love - painting with acrylics. Denise says: "Being free to paint feels like a bird being let out of a cage." So she freed her parakeets and they fly free with her in "The Soaring Peacock Studio". There she shares her love of painting with her students and encouraging them to explore their creativity each in their own way. Her paintings are an exploration of feelings and emotions deep from within. In her own works: "It's Art that Whispers from the Soul".

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