Delane Caouette

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Hi! I'm Delane - a photographer, mom, chaos coordinator and iced coffee addict. I live in a cozy little home in Vermilion, AB - however, we are constantly visiting family in Edmonton and Camrose.

I picked up my first DSLR camera (Canon Rebel i3) in December 2013. I bought it to capture those special moments of my babies, but I honestly didn't realize just how much I would love photography and editing. I see light, connection and candid moments - I have found my passion in capturing those raw, fleeting moments that you want to last forever. I am a visual story teller who believes that real is more interesting than (Pinterest) perfect and will do just about anything for a genuine reaction.

When I'm not looking through a viewfinder, I can usually be found joking around with my partner and trying to wrangle 5 little spitfires who call me Mama. My life isn't picture perfect, but it's still pretty darn amazing and it deserves to be immortalized as a visual diary of sorts. I look forward to showing you how I see the world in all it's beauty, through my lens.

I'm always happy to chat to make sure this investment is the right one for your family. I want you to hold your photos dear to your heart. I want them to light your soul on fire and I want you to want to blow them up and canvas them all over your walls. 

If you'd like to hear more about whether you think my personality might rock with your family - message me!