Danielle Vachon

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Danielle Vachon is an immensely devoted Mixed Media/Spiritual Artist whose artistic work symbolizes the heartfelt emotions of love, fear, desire, and spiritual freedom. Growing up on a beautiful ranch surrounded by the phenomenal beauty of the outdoors, she adopted the art of dreaming and learned the attribute of freedom from the careless whispers of the natural beauty. Danielle's ambition to create an everlasting impact on the spiritual world of arts encouraged her to strive for a professional career as a full time artist. She is motivated and inspired by the drive to express the personal interpretation of her deepest thoughts, hidden emotions, and strongest desires with the sole purpose of heartening others to have a healthy and healing outlet.


Danielle's art serves as the mystical bridge of emotions between herself and the viewers and the imagery of her work is inspired by the personal experiences, fears, dreams, and interests of Danielle. She believes in using art as a platform to represent her emotions and shares them with the world in hopes of igniting a positive change. As an artist, Danielle is unchained and is instilled with the power to break the barriers of communal artistic beliefs with an aim to take the viewers on a journey of freedom and spiritual liberation. Providing the viewers the greatest sense of interpretation and gifting them the freedom of elucidation inspires Danielle to exceed her own expectations. Danielle always felt an incredible inclination with the colorful world of art and this love and admiration enabled her to dive deep into the chasm of emotions. Painting layers upon layers of texture and using colors as the medium to connect with the hearts and minds of the viewer endeavors her to rejuvenate the feeling of love and undisclosed desires through her mesmerizing works of art. 

Danielle Vachon serves as an advocate of children rights and uses art to help provide under-privileged kids with the greater quality of life. She gives the concept of art a new meaning and uses the artistic work to raise funds and donate to non-profit organizations. She had acquired a great deal of acclamation and recognition for her work as a spiritual artist and had won 3rd & 4th positions in Canada-wide competitions. Danielle had also been featured in magazines and has had the luxury to work with youth groups, schools, and several other organizations. Besides this, Danielle is an outspoken artist whose raw and bold nature enable her to share every emotion in the most vivid manner. She greatly cherishes spending time with her friends & family and loves being a promotor of enlightened living. Danielle feels blessed to be gifted with an ability to share her thoughts with the world and is inspired to help others in embracing their inner desires and lifelong dreams. Danielle is an inspired artist whose notoriously brave personality assists her in creating captivating works of art.