Dale Sommer



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Bowls by Dale

Dale Sommer, from a large family, grew up in a small village in rural Alberta. He presently lives in Crossfield, Alberta. Dale is a contractor by occupation and continues to do contract work in Southern Alberta. His brother, Kevin, has lived in Vermilion for the past 31 years which is how he learned about the Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery. 

Looking for a hobby, Dale had an opportunity to purchase a wood lathe which started him wood turning, beginning with turning bowls. He has been turning wood for five years now which distracts him from the long winters. His wood turning has evolved over the years to create various items; such as bowls, ornaments, candle holders, salt dishes, and cutting boards to name a few. Dale is always looking for a new creative challenge as he loves to experiment when creating. He loves to create one of a kind, unique pieces, such as his superhero bowls. Dale is happiest when he is doing what he is passionate about, which is why he turns wood.