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Bronwood Copper Designs

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Barb and Roger

The creative duo of Bronwood Copper Designs. We love designing and creating copper jewellery!

All of Bronwood Copper Designs jewellery is made from brand new Canadian-made copper pipe - we're very proud of our commitment to support other Canadian businesses.

We don't use any protective coatings on our jewellery - we love the naturally occurring patina that copper is famous for which allows it to deepen to a darker, richer colour naturually.

Many people believe copper helps to alleviate arthritic pain. Copper is also anti-microbial - germs only stay on copper for a few hours before disappearing. Many years ago, copper was used extensively for doorknobs and high-touch surfaces for this reason. 


We make all of our jewellery with great pride and attention to detail - we hope the finished product reflects our integrity and passion as proud copper artisans!

5% of every sale of Bronwood Copper Designs is donated to help improve the lives of homeless Canadian Veterans.

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