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Alana Lovone


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My name is Alana Lovone Squair. I live in Viking, Alberta with my husband. I have been surrounded by creativity all my life. Starting with my grandmother, who would create quilts from old clothes, to my mom, who was always sewing something. 

I was always creating something. I'm thankful for parents who just let me do my "thing". Lots of wonderful learning opportunities, also known as mistakes and messes. 

After raising my family I had the opportunity to open my own flower shop. I loved the creative process of design but after 8 years I was burnt out with the retail aspect, and after selling the store I was able to focus full time on my art. 

One day while on Pinterest I saw the most beautiful piece of alcohol ink art. The vibrant colors and the flow of the alcohol drew me in. I had never heard of this medium before and after much research I fell in love. I took an online class and have thoroughly loved working with and hearing about this beautiful medium. 

Recently I have been working with caustic wax. So you can look for more projects on my platforms soon. 

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